In September 2017, the Civil Service Ladies and Mens Teams competed in the Civil Service Quadrangular, and annual event between the Civil Service, the Combined Armed Forces, the Police Service and the Fire and Rescue Services

Ladies Team:

Unfortunately this year both Nicola Beachill and Ruth Sleigh were unavailable So Shena Ferrie and our CSSC captain Sian Hughes stepped up to the mark.

Our first game was against the police who last year claimed the title so we were a little apprehensive to say the least! However the Police were only able to field a team of 4. Sian had a reprieve and wasn’t required to play (I have to say she seemed more than happy at this prospect). Next up was Shena who was feeling very nervous however managed to win the match 3-0 with her opponent Sara only managing to score 5 points in every game. Shena played amazing getting the team off to a flying start. Keeley was next on court with an old rival Alicia. Keeley and Alicia have met in previous years with the games being very close. This year Keeley managed a 3-0 victory at ease putting the team at a win – No pressure then Beckie or Helen?????? Beckie was on court next with what I have to say was the match of the day, an epic battle. The first game Beckie managed to steal, getting to 10-10 and fighting to take it 12-10. The second game went much the same way with another 10-10 this time Beckie narrowly missed out losing 12-10. The third game another 10-10 but Beckie just couldn’t manage to win with another 12-10 lose. The 4th game and all to play for. Beckie had fire in her belly managed to take this game 11-7. 2 games all and no one with any finger nails left! Beckie tried really hard but I think fitness was telling in this game the final result for the game was 6-11 with a match score of 2-3. I can honestly say Beckie gave it her all and played some amazing squash. There was nothing left in the tank. Last but not least was Helen. On first look at Helen it would seem she was feeling the effects of the previous night however she managed to put her heart and soul into the game. Helens opponent Debbie was just too strong taking the game 3-0. Amazing games and a win for CSSC

After lunch and with full bellies we were up against the UKAF. The UKAF hadn’t dropped a game against the police so we definitely had something to prove!! We were off to a win to start as unfortunately one of their players had to leave, leaving them with a team of 4. Sian again was not required to play (poor Sian but her face again was one of pure delight! – think she may be trying to tell me something) . Shena again was up first- nerves had her in the first game as she lost 4-11 however the second game she managed a win with a score of 12-10 (this is the first game the UKAF had managed to drop – well done Shena) unfortunately her opponent Sian came storming back to take the next two games 11-5 and 11-2 with a match score of 3-1. Next up was Helen looking a little more peaky and ready for action. Helen gave her all again but unfortunately lost 3-0 with games scores 4-11, 5-11 and 3-11. Keeley was up next playing Yvette fantastically close games not reflecting the 3-0 score. Getting to 10-10 in the first game but just not having the stamina to get over the finish line losing the first game 12-10. The second game and nerves had gone, 10 all then 11 all but again just not being able to get the last 2 points losing 11-13. With nothing left in the tank Keeley tried her best but lost the final game 9-11. Next time Keeley will have this!!!!! Last on court was Beckie (she needed a longer rest after her epic first game). Again a well fought match against Rosie! Beckie just missing out on the first game 8-11 but came back in the second to take it 11-9 (another game dropped for the UKAF!) unfortunately the effects of the first match told on Beckies legs losing the third and fourth game 3-11 and 4-11.

We had an amazing day with everyone really trying and only just missing out (Sian it was the best I have seen you play ;) ) A steady 2nd place again but at least we haven’t gone down. I have said it every year that next year will be ours so this year I am keeping my mouth shut and we will see what happens! Thanks to everyone for playing.


Quadrangle Women's Tournament finishing positions

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Mens Team:

The individual standard on show was exceptionally high again with ex world ranked players competing for both the UK Armed Services and Fire Service.

This year the Civil Service had put together a strong consisting of:

  • James Hodson
  • Tim Burrell
  • Ethan Thornton
  • Mark Aldridge
  • Adam Lavis
  • Jon McFarlane

The first match was against last years winners, the Fire Service. First on were Adam Lavis and Ethan Thornton. Adam played well to win 3-1 and record his first with for the National Civil Service Team. Ethan had it tough playing at number 3 and despite working some good positions, especially in the 2nd game, he could not convert and went down 3-0. Next up were Tim Burrell and Mark Aldridge. Again, the 2 matches followed different paths. With Mark Looking good at 1 game-all and 10-7 up he somehow managed to lose that game and the match 3-1. Tim fared better on the other court and won 3-0. This left the match poised at 2-2 with the last match on – numbers 1’s with James Hodson against National Over 40’s champion Pete O’Hara. Despite a strong showing and winning one game, he couldn’t quite win the match. A close 3-2 loss to start.

Next up were the Police Force. The Police are always string, particularly in depth and unfortunately the Civil Service had little to show for their efforts at strings 2-5. All put up a good fight but Adam the only player to win a game. Lastly James at number 1 managed to put the rest of the players to shame by winning his match 3-0.

Last up were UKAS. Civil Service needed a win to avoid coming last. First up were Ethan and Mark. Ethan had a marathon match, playing exceptionally well to come back from 2-1 down to win his match 3-2. Mark did not have as much success and went down 3-0 despite having some chances. Next up were Tim and Adam. Tim began slowly, losing the first game. By the second he had settled down and managed to win the match 3-1. Despite close games Adam could not overcome his opponent and went down 3-0. So once again it was down to James at number 1. Unfortunately, against another ex-world ranked player, he was unable to get the victory and the team ended with a 3-2 loss.

So, after 3 tough matches the Civil Service ended up losing all 3 matches very closely. The event was excellently hosted and run the Police Force, with the Police Force team also coming out as eventual winners of the event.



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