In September the Ladies and Mens CSSC Teams competed in the annual Quadrangular Tournament against the Fire and Rescue Services, the Combined Armed Forces and the Police Services.

Ladies Team:

This year we were able to field a team of 5 players although one or 2 players were nursing injuries!!! The Ladies team consisted of:

  • Rebecca Campbell
  • Helen Midgley
  • Nicola Beachill
  • Keeley Grindle
  • Sheena Ferrie

Our first game was against the UK Armed Forces who in past years have been really close games. Helen started be ball rolling with what can only be described as breezes with a 3/0 win against Chrissie Miller. The game score was 11/8, 11/8 and 9/11. Safe to say that Helen was “on fire”!

Next up was Sheena who was feeling very nervous. Sheena had a really close game with Nicola Whitehead which the score line didn’t reflect. First game getting to 10-10, but unfortunately loosing 12/10. The second game was also fought really hard with managing to get 8 points. All to play for in the third, and everyone on the edge of their seats at 10/10, 11/11, 12/12, again unfortunately just missing out on the third game 14/12.

Next up was Keeley, Keeley who is always nervous to start with played Amy Whitehead. These players had never met before. Keeley took the first game 11/8 after a shaky start, and also managed to take the 2nd game 12/10 after a 10/10 knee shaker!!! Unfortunately the 3rd game went to Amy who was mounting an enormous come back and had upped her game, but with expert coaching from Helen and Nicola Keeley managed to take the 4th Game 11/7. A good game to watch.

Whilst Keeley was playing becky was up against Elaine Radcliffe. Again these players had never met before. Becky played really well in the first game but unfortunately just missed out loosing 9/11. Becky dug deep and managed to take the 2nd game 11/9. The rallies in this game were fantastic and told on Becky in the third game as she lost 2/11. Becky back to fighting fit really tried hard in the 4th game but wasn’t successful on this occasion. Becky lost the match 3/1.

Only one match left which was Nicola against Annabel Freeman. Nicola had unfortunately missed heard the team score and thought she was playing a “damp squib” thinking we had already lost the match. This was soon put right after the warm up and told that the match rested on this game!!!!! Nicola started slowly as she was playing with “dodgy knees” and hadn’t been on a squash court for 9 months. She lost the first game 9/11 but came off court assuring me that “she felt ok” Nicola came back to true form winning the next 3 games 7/11, 7/11, 2/11. Some amazing shots that showed real talent.

Final result Armed Forces 8 CSSC 15

One match in the bag and all to play for……………………………….if only it hadn’t been the police left to play!!!!!!!!!

This year the police were fielding an amazing team with everyone back from injuries or having babies!! Some of which were very vocal during their parent game! The lady that played at 1 last year was this year playing at 4 which goes to show just how strong their team were.

Nether the less in true CSSC style we all got “stuck in”. Helen again was up first against Chrissie McMullan. These 2 have met on numerous occasions and have very good games unfortunately the score line has always been the same. Helen played well but lost 2/11, 5/11/ 10/12. Helen really tried hard to seal the third game but Chrissies strength shone through.

Next up was Becky playing against Elin Harlow. Elin plays for Wales and is currently ranked 92 on the world circuit! Safe to say that poor Becky had her work cut out! Becky still tried her best but the score line was as expected 3/11, 6/11, 4/11.

Keeley was up next playing Gemma Barber (who was last year playing at one for the Police) again the score line was as expected 2/11, 2/11, 7/11 again Keeley did try her best but unfortunately Gemma was just too strong.

Nicola who was still managing to walk (thankfully) played Rachel Cooper. Again another player who plays for Wales returning from maternity leave. This was a brilliant game to watch, Rachel taking the first game although very hard fought 11/8. Nicola came back with some amazing drop shots to win the second game 11/8. The third game saw Rachel’s biggest and loudest supporter making an impact on the game (her 9 month old daughter) encouraging Rachel to a 11/6 win. Still all to play for in the fourth but unfortunately Rachel’s fitness made an appearance leading her across the finish line with a 11/9 victory

Last game to play (and the closest in this match) was Sheena up against Joyce. Both similar players utilising the “lob and drop” . Sheena fought hard narrowly missing out on the first game 9/11. Sheen displayed true determination taking the second game 12/10. The third game not so close with Joyce using the boast to trick Sheena, Sheena lost that one 3/11. Sheena came back to life to take the fourth game 13/11. All square with the last game to play. Both Sheen and Joyce fighting for their lives. No one wanted to win at 10/10/ 11/11 12/12. Both teams watching this match were intrigued with Joyce just stealing the win at 14/12. Again another fabulous match to watch with both players showing true spirit.

Final result Police 20 CSSC 3

We all had an amazing day with everyone really trying. 2nd place again but at least we haven’t gone down. The one thing about the CSSC ladies team where we win hands down every year is the “social award” it was lovely that all our team members were able to stay and socialise with other team members on the Friday evening. No other team had all their players out with the Police only having Gemma representing them (don’t worry we took her under our wings and looked after her)

Thanks to everyone for playing.

2018 Ladies Quadrangular Tournament

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Mens Team: 

Once again the individual standard on show at this event was exceptionally high and the Civil Service team did well to compete at this level. It was good that the team could welcome a new face to the team as well include some of those that have long played in the Civil Service events and are well known from the playing over the years.

This year the Civil Service had put together a strong consisting of:

  • Tim Burrell
  • James Whelan
  • Tom Metcalf
  • Mark Aldridge
  • Adam Curry
  • Adam Lavis
  • Dan Willets

The first match was against last years winners, the Police Force. First on were Adam Lavis and Mark Aldridge. Both players put up strong performances. Mark was finely poised at 1-1 but could not quite get over the line while Adam didn’t quite get the game his performance deserved. Next up were Tim and Tom, with Tom making his first performance for the team having recently joined the Civil Service. With Tim on one court going 2-0 up, on the other court Tom was taking a slightly different path going 2-0 down. At this point both matches swung, with Tim’s opponent coming back into the match to level at 2-2. At the same time Tom was doing the same – he also dug in to level at 2 games each. With a couple of civil service wins it would put the match at 2-2. Alas it was not to be and unfortunately the Police managed to come out on top in both fixtures. Last up were James and Dan. Both fought gamely but were unable to trouble the scorers, with James going down 3-0 and Dan 3-1. So a tough match to start and the overall score line not quite reflecting how close some of the individual matches were.

Next up were the UKAS, always a very tough proposition, and so it proved again this year. The UKAS are always strong and with Tim unable everyone had to move up one place. That said, the team put up some excellent performances and almost managed to score a victory. Mark in particular playing well to score a 3-1 victory and Tom winning a brutal match 3-1 in which every game was decided by only 2 points. Overall a 3-2 loss but a performance to be proud of.

By the last game everybody was finding their form. Adam Curry had stepped into the team and almost managed a win against the fire. Similarly, Tom was once again outstanding and unlucky to lose 3-2. Adam Lavis at 5 was able to sneak a 3-0 victory while the morning excursions from James, Mark and Dan took their toll and they could not quite get a victory.

It was a very tough weekend but with a slightly depleted team the Civil Service put on a strong showing.

QUADRANGULAR TOURNAMENT 7th - 8th September 2018

2018 Finishing Positions