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CSSRA run both a ladies and men’s representative team, which play to an extremely high standard against the armed forces and other national organisations. Matches are played each year. Team selection is at the discretion of the team captain, with results from the National Singles Championships being taken into account. 

Both men’s and ladies teams are regularly invited to participate in the annual Crown Services Quadrangular tournament event, the CSSC men’s team winning this for the first time in 2006 and most recently in 2014

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From left to right:

Ethan Thornton, Tim Burrell (Captain), Samuel Levin, Marc Aldridge, Tom Metcalf, James Whelan, Adam Lavis

From left to right:

Rebecca Campbell, Helen Midgley, Ruth Sleigh, Keeley Grindle (Captain), Sian Hughes



Crown Services 2012 - Men's Team Match Report

Crown Services 2012 Men's TeamIn October 2012 the Civil Service played the annual quadrangular tournament against the Police, Fire Service and Combined Services at the Nottingham Squash Club. The Civil Service team consisted of usual stalwarts Tim Burrell, Tony Webb and John Ashton; with James Hodson and newcomers Jonathan Simpson and Adam Curry.

Mens Team vs Royal Navy, Nuffield & Bradley Stoke January 2012

Match Report/Results (Portsmouth 6th & 7th January 2012)


The annual Civil Service Men’s Squash Team fixture against the Royal Navy was held at HMS Temeraire, Portsmouth on the 6/7th January 2012.

Disaster struck early before anyone could step onto a court, with an injury to illustrious Civil Service Captain Merv Davies. The Naval Rules of Engagement state that if the Captain is lost or injured at sea, control of the vessel passes to the Executive Officer. Unfortunately for the Civil Service Team, a person matching the required character traits couldn’t be found, so First Seaman Tim Burrell stepped up to sail the team through the treacherous waters ahead. First Seaman Burrell’s first duty, to deliver the sad news on the health of the missing Captain raised a few eyebrows amongst the team; we were informed that the injury involved eight tendons in the foot! Captain Mervs injured tendon eight weeks previous had failed to heal fully resulting in him missing his first fixture against the Navy for over 20 years. It did however give an opportunity to bring in alternative players which meant, encouragingly, the “Mens Team” (more on this later), had the lowest average age in the past 20 years!

Men's Team: Quadrangular Tournament 2011

The Quadrangular Tournament for 2011 was again held at Nottingham Squash Rackets Club, The Park, Nottingham. Male teams from the Combined Services, Civil Service, Police and Fire Service, together with Female teams from the Combined Services, Civil Service and Police competed over the period 09-10 September 2011.

Ladies Team: Triangular - September 2010

The annual Crown Services tournament between CSSC, Police, Fire Service and Combined Services was played at the Nottingham Squash Club on 10 and 11th September 2010. The Fire Service did not field a ladies team, so the ladies opponents were the Police and Combined services (Army, Navy, RAF). The CSSC matches were both played on Friday 10th September.

Crown Services - September 2010

The Civil Service Men's Squash Team arrived at Nottingham Squash Rackets Club sporting another strong side although this year missing the youth of Tom Power.

Our first match was against the Combined Services, with John McFarlane and myself on court to get things underway. John played extremely well, calling on his wealth of experience to come out a 3-2 winner while I lost disappointingly 3-0. Next up were Marc Aldridge and Tony Webb. Marc was keen to make up for losing all 3 matches the previous year and now that he is almost semi-pro, won easily 3-0. Tony Webb made hard work of a match that he probably should have won but eventually went down 3-2. This meant the match score was 2-2 with just Tim Burrell left to play, however he was up against the arrogant ex-professional Sam Miller. Tim played some marvellous squash and at times Sam was looking worried but eventually superior fitness was the key and he secured the win 3-0.

Match Report (Portsmouth 19th-20th Feb 2010)

At last we managed to play this fixture after 2 postponements for severe weather (snow). This year we again had a strong side which included a first representative match for Tony Draper and there was also a new team, Nuffield who were an unknown quantity. Our first match was against the Royal Navy and our strength showed with a solid 5-0 win. Nuffield showed they too were strong with a good 4-1 win against Bradley Stoke who had also strengthened their side from the previous year and may prove no pushovers.

After the matches, the Navy provided their usual first class hospitality at the Royal Sailors Home Club before teams retired for an early night.

Crown Services Quadrangular Report 2009

Men's TeamCivil Service V Police V Combined Services V Fire Service

The Civil Service Men's Squash Team arrived at Nottingham Squash Rackets Club looking to return to winning ways in this quadrangular tournament. We had another strong side right down the order including a rare appearance from the evergreen John McFarlane.

Ladies Team Report 2008 - 2009

We are continuing to see a good standard of squash in the Ladies section. The Ladies Team consists of two international players as well as ladies playing for Premier Divisions and who have played for their counties so we have a wealth of experience. However we are also seeing new lady squash players entering our competitions. The graded tournaments in particular give all standards a chance. In fact one such lady who entered a graded tournament couple of years ago made her debut in the Ladies National Team this year showing the progress she has made. The Ladies Ladder is also keenly contested and regularly updated.

The main fixture of the year for the Ladies is the Crown Services Tournament. This fixture initially started as a men's event and later we were invited to join them. However whilst the men play three teams, the Combined Forces, the Fire and Police Services the Fire Service sadly are unable to field a ladies team. The event is played at Nottingham which is an excellent venue and very popular with Civil Service squash. If anyone has an opportunity to play there don't hesitate......go! The facilities are second to none and it is one of the friendliest clubs I've ever been to.

This year we were missing our number one English International Heather Tweedle who had entered the British Open in Manchester. This was to prove costly in our match against the Police Ladies who had strength in depth but realistically this would not have changed the final score. Kay Dalton from HMRC made her debut and won in fine form against the Combined Services. It was a good performance and once again an enjoyable weekend.

If anyone is interested in playing for the teams or joining the ladder please please don't be shy and contact me!

Sian Hughes, Ladies Captain